Thoughts Creation in Glass and in Fine Art 

Experiences have been stored inside me since birth. Where, how and what of these experiences will ultimately remain, I do not know. My artwork reflects what has been deposited somewhere in the depths of my soul. Furthermore, I am inspired by the experiences and philosophies of others because the variety of life’s destinies and attitudes is so tremendously enlightening. As an artist, I cannot work without inner impulses and a strong desire to create. I always start from the inner movement but paradoxically I have never known exactly what will ultimately be created and what has preceded its creation. I am continually surprised when some artists speak about their artwork with such decisiveness and grand statements describing exactly what they have created. To me, words cannot truly capture the uniqueness and the deepest intentions of a work of art.

It is very important to me as an artist that I create my work autonomously if the necessary techniques permit it. I must be present at the moment of creation. I need to experience each process of the creation personally and feel them physically. Not only the basic labor, but also the work-in-progress and its gradual completion are the milestones which present further questions and inspiration for subsequent works.

I am thankful to have found my own means of self-expression. For me, is about recognizing and traversing a personal path towards understanding. Even if we do not personally possess the deepest knowledge, we can encounter and perceive it through the arts (Fine art, Theater, Film, Literature and poetry, Music). As an artist, I dismantle an existing form as a means of questioning apparent and established values which have been automatically accepted with both dependence and self-satisfaction. I choose to continually interrogate accepted values in order to find my own path towards understanding and truth. This is my continuous creative process.


I prefer natural light to artificial light and other artificially generated visual effects. Natural light completes the uniqueness of each viewer’s encounter with the artwork. The independence of the work from any artificial effect represents a very important artistic quality to me. In my opinion, the truly perfect design can only exist on the basis of its own natural energy, without dependence upon external sources such as electricity, multimedia or other digital presentations. The beauty of natural light flowing around the artwork, immersing it in an atmosphere of chiaroscuro while continually metamorphosing its form through the transience of daylight reveals the work’s authentic properties. Batteries will eventually run out, the artificial light in the room will be switched off. Trends will pass, artificial interventions will fade, and only the chiaroscuro of natural light and darkness will remain. Time and light alone will reveal the true qualities of the work. In this elemental environment, the artwork and the viewer may coexist as their authentic selves, one reflected by the other, sharing a space of wonder and interconnectedness.