I do not seek the inspiration on the surface of things but in what is hidden under the surface, inside the shape, what is not seen by naked eye, but a man senses through emotions, feelings and heart. Rather than the surface, I am interested in the relationship between two subjects / objects, between colours, between various shapes, relations in nature, relations between cultures, between light and darkness, between good and evil, between man and God.

I want to look inside the shape, see its inner life, enjoy its mysteries, which are hidden under the surface. The glass art usually follows lines of a sculpture and curves of an art work. Simply speaking, it focuses on the surface/ballast of the created work. However, I am interested in what is hidden inside. That is why I sandblast the glass shapes through and cut them, I open their surface to look inside.

It is essential for me to create the work by myself if the technology permits it. I have to be directly at its creation; simply speaking, I have to cut it, glue it, crack it, sandblast it and blow it in the hotshop. I need to personally experience all said processes of creation because the work-in-progress and gradual completion of the work are the milestones of the next questions and inspirations for new pieces. Fortunately, the glass object has its technical and technological limits; therefore, it can be said that there is a clear beginning and end of the creation of the piece, contrary to the painting, which is not limited with anything, maybe with the exception of the soul of the author. I mention the painting because I can feel it as the purest form of the art expression and self-reflection of a person. When sandblasting the glass and cracking the tables, I experienced similar feelings as when painting a picture when colours and space and the unknown play their role.